What can you expect from couple's therapy?

Improved communication, mutual respect, increased understanding, positive collaboration, and more love and romance!

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Hi I'm Lindis

I help couples transform their relationship so that they feel a greater connection and love for each another.
I focus largely on couple's therapy in my practice because it is so rewarding to see a transformation occur from the start of the session to the end. Many couples want to show and receive more love to each other, but there are hindrances in the way. We work on those hindrances, strengthen the positives and watch the relationship blossom. In couples therapy, the three of us collaborate. You know yourselves best, I am a third person in the room to help you express yourselves, think outside of the box, break patterns and embark upon a new chapter.

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What My Clients Say About Working with Me

  • My marriage was not what I expected. We both went to work and once we got home we hardly talked to each other. We each went into our own little corners of the house. After just a few sessions with Lindis we committed ourselves to prioritizing us. We started talking, making plans, and having "us" time in the evenings. Immediately, we were both happier.

    Henry and Ingrid
  • My husband and I were arguing all the time about silly small things. After going to couple's therapy with Lindis we understood that the real reason why we were picking fights with each other is because we wanted the other person's attention. We were just doing it in a negative way. We started to show kindness to each other, aknowledge what the other partner was doing right, and giving each other positive attention. It changed the whole tone of the house!

    Eivind and Ingrid

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