Are you ready for change?

Sometimes we can go for years living in limbo, and then suddenly one morning we wake up and we say, “That’s it.  I am getting help for this.  I want to change.”

Congratulations if you have come to this point in your life.  Just the fact that you take contact with a therapist or coach, increases the likelihood that you will experience the change you are aiming for.  That’s because most changes occur with a mental decision first, and declaration: “I want to change.”

Whether you are experiencing challenges as a couple, individual or family — whatever it is, I am ready to help you analyze the problem and then work towards solutions.

Therapy & Coaching is a collaboration between the two of us in which we create a safe place for you to open up about the things that concern you, and then together we start to create a new strategy that takes you toward the path that will give you greater joy and satisfaction.

Family & Couples Therapy – What to Expect

  1. Respect & Confidentiality
  2. Support, motivation and understanding concerning your particular challenges
  3. Collaboration with you to understand the issues and work together to create solutions
  4. Inspiration and motivation to take action steps.

You are expert on your life.  I will not give you answers, but I will help you analyze the challenges and we’ll collaborate on the solutions.



  • You have goals but you feel stuck and unmotivated
  • You want to improve your relationships and break unhealthy communication patterns
  • You want to prioritize your well-being
  • You want your family to experience more joy and happiness, and less conflict and stress


Do you want to see positive changes in your life? Then coaching or therapy is perfect for you!

The minute you start prioritizing therapy/coaching in your life, you start to see changes.  Instead of just “wishing” that things would miraculously get better, you are actually doing something to get that process started!

I truly respect and acknowledge you for starting the process of making change possible.  I am excited about getting to know you and experiencing the collaboration process that will bring long-lasting change into your life.


Book a time in my calendar that works for you.

Each Therapy Session lasts for 60 minutes and the fee is $100 / 800NOK, which is paid in cash (in person), mobilepay (Vipps), or Paypal after the session is over. 

I conduct telephone, in-person or Skype sessions, so distance is not a problem.  I will confirm you appointment within 24 hours and check whether you want the session to be in-person or by phone.



  • Individual Therapy or Life Coaching – 60 minutes:   $100 / 800 NOK
  • Couples Coaching – 90 Minutes:  $150 / 1200 NOK


Payment occurs after the session is completed.

Cancellations must be reported 24 hours in advance so you don’t get billed for the session.