How to Create a 6-Figure Freelance Business

Here are the steps you’ll need to take to become a 6-Figure Freelancer

Determine your speciality and your interests.

Based on your skills, you may want to be a social media content writer, SEO specialist, Life Coach, etc.  The intersection between your passion, talents and profit opportunities should direct you to the right choice.

Think about what others will pay for.

Go on and and see what people are paying for.  What is in hot demand right now?

Interview ideal customers.

Find a few people that you think would be your ideal clients. Ask them about what they look for in a freelancer, how they choose them, and where they find them.

Design your marketing and business plans.

Will you market solely on freelancer search pages, or will you create a website and full-blown marketing strategy to attract your audience?  Determine who you want to serve and how, and that should help you brainstorm on how to attract their attention.

Improve your skills and delivery with each project

Raise the bar on your work, always trying to deliver high-quality service and results, so that you stand out from the other freelancers that might charge less and deliver less.

Grow your client list and increase your prices

The more jobs you do, the greater your skill level.  You should be able to attract more clients because of your good references, and at the same time you can increase your prices because you are delivering on your promises.

Have you dreamed of leaving your job to be a 6-figure freelancer? Share your plans for making the transition in the comments section below.

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