How to grow your audience on Facebook

#1: Add a Facebook Like Button or Box to Your Website

People who visit your website are highly likely to become fans of your Facebook page. But how to move them from just visiting your website to liking your page on Facebook?

The easiest way to get a like from your website visitors is to include a Facebook Like button on your website. Using the button allows visitors to like your page without leaving your website. What could be easier than that?

#2: Connect Profiles With Pages

Here’s a simple thing you (and every company employee) can do to promote your Facebook page: Add your company as your current employer in your personal profile’s Work section. When you do, you’ll be linking directly to the company page so others can click over at will.


#3: Provide a Link in Signatures

Whenever you send emails to your customers, colleagues, vendors and other contacts, add your Facebook page link in your email signature along with your website link.


#4: Share on Other Social Media Platforms

It never hurts to casually ask your audiences on other social networks like Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn or Google+ to like your Facebook page.


#5: Promote to the Right Audiences

Instead of using the Promote Page option on your Facebook page itself, go to the Facebook Ads Manager and create an ad to promote your page specifically targeting the right people.


#6: Interact as Your Page

Most users peruse Facebook as themselves (using their personal profile), but if you’re looking to grow your page’s audience, consider using Facebook as your page.


#7: Create Facebook Groups

Most groups Facebook get a higher organic reach than pages do. That’s partly because when people join a group, notifications are already set and they’ll know when new posts are added in the group (fans have to set up page notifications manually). Other perks include sharing files with your group members and tagging other members for conversational purposes.

#8: Include Your Facebook Page in Guest Author Bios

The more often your page link appears the greater chance you will get more followers.


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